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1. Do straight men watch gay porn? According to a recent thread on Reddit: yes, but definitely no homo. [Read more here]

2. Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch, says that if the show were around today it would feature gay storylines. Henderson’s co-star, Robert Reed (who played Mike Brady), was gay but not out publicly. [Read more here

3. What happens when a gay guy and his mom visit the world-famous Mustang Ranch brothel? Lunch and blowjob chat apparently. [Read more here]  

4. A waitress at Earl’s Bait House and Country Store—in lovely Pittsburg, Texas—refused service to a gay couple, saying, with typical Texas charm: “We don’t serve fags here.” Now, in an inspired act of revenge, users are turning to Yelp, Google, and Trip Advisor to post reviews of the restaurant that call it the “best gay bar in Texas” and a place renowned for its gay hospitality. [Read more here]  

5. A viral video showing an impassioned churchgoer’s deliverance from homosexuality now has a funk remix. [Read more here

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