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1. Yesterday, more than a hundred male students at CSU Long Beach donned high heels. Affiliated with “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” an organization founded in 2001 to help victims of sexual assault, the purpose of the event was to demonstrate solidarity and shed light on the issues of sexual violence around college campuses. [Read more here]

2. While shoplifting is one of the most common crimes—palming a packet of gum here, smuggling some jewelry there—it’s not often that cameras catch crooks trying to steal big ticket items. In Florida (of course it was in Florida), a man was seen and recorded slipping an innocuous little chainsaw down the front of his pants. [Read more here]

3. French law once had it that toilets could not be in kitchens, but that law is no more. Whether its repeal is born of a desire to simplify laws in general or to minimize the space required to construct a home, the result is the same: In France, it’s just gotten considerably easier to shit where you eat. [Read more here]

4. A man in Utah is accused of pointing a gun at his 17-year-old daughter’s head during a heated argument over a game of Battleship. Your move, Florida. [Read more here]

5. A jewel thief who has stolen over £120,000 (nearly $190,000 USD) of merchandise in his career was recently caught after leaving a selfie behind at the scene of a crime. #nofilter [Read more here]

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