One in eight gay men in London has HIV


Figures released yesterday from Public Health England found that 13 percent of gay men in London have HIV—that’s one in eight men. In the rest of the UK, four percent of gay men have HIV. 

Last year the number of infections reached a record high of 108,000, with more than a quarter of carriers unaware they had the virus. London led the surge with 1,470 reported transmissions.

The Lancet, a weekly medical journal, attributed the spike in new infections to “high-risk practices” such as partying with crystal meth, mephedrone, and GHB/GBL.

Deborah Gold, chief executive of National Aids Trust, commented: “There is in our society a dangerous complacency about the challenge of HIV. Rates of new infections among gay men show no signs of abating but funding for HIV prevention from local authorities is patchy and in many places non-existent.” 

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