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1. The Daily Beast has found America’s “worst gay couple.” [Read more here]

2. Police in the Garki District of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, are investigating a murder in which one man stabbed another to death after the latter refused to pay for sex. The men had reportedly just attended mosque together, after which they returned to their hotel for sex. When Mohammed Snu refused to pony up for a second round of lovemaking, Mohammed Umar stabbed him repeatedly with a screwdriver. [Read more here]

3. The FBI’s 2013 Hate Crimes Statistics Report found that 1 in 5 hate crimes was motivated by anti-gay bias. [Read more here]

4. A 25-year-old arsonist was arrested after attempting to burn down Warsaw’s Tolerance Rainbow. Constructed by artist Julita Wojcik, it was installed in Warsaw’s Savior Square in 2012. The rainbow arch is meant to represent Poland’s commitment to LGBT equality, but it has been attacked six times. Last year it was reduced to ashes and subsequently rebuilt. [Read more here]

5. The UK has granted a reprieve to a Ugandan woman who was tortured and subjected to an exorcism in her home country after revealing she was a lesbian. [Read more here

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