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1. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James reported that the Air Force’s pre-1980 ban on transgender troops “is likely to come under review in the next year or so,” and supported the idea of lifting it. She told USA Today, “From my point of view, anyone who is capable of accomplishing the job should be able to serve.” [Read more here]

2. The terrorist group ISIS released photos of jihadists brutally killing a man they believed to be gay. The radical Islamists posted online that the Islamic court in Wilayet al-Furat “decided that a man who has practised sodomy must be thrown off the highest point in the city, and then stoned to death.” A strict interpretation of Sharia law is enforced in areas under ISIS control, but it has also been documented that its members have been known to rape young men and record the act “to use as blackmail and force [them]to join [ISIS].” One man said he hadn’t wanted to join, “But they had the footage. They threatened to show it to my family.” [Read more here]

3. Pope Francis said in an interview that when the Vatican held a synod in October, they discussed how the Catholic Church needs to support parents to standing by their gay children: “That is to say, the synod addressed the family and the homosexual persons in relation to their families, because we come across this reality all the time in the confessional: a father and a mother whose son or daughter is in that situation.” However, he claimed that “nobody mentioned homosexual marriage” at the meeting, because “it did not cross our minds.” [Read more here]

4. US Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department’s 2003-era guidelines for federal law enforcement regarding racial profiling have finally been updated. The new guidance expands protected classes to include not only race and ethnicity, but also gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Holder told press, “We can’t afford to profile, to do law enforcement on the basis of stereotypes.” [Read more here]


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