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1. According to a study published in Science magazine, when straight people with discriminatory views speak in person to LGBT community members about same-sex marriage, they’re more likely to support LGBT rights. In other words, a single conversation has the power to change people’s minds about social issues. [Read more here]

2. Activists in Sacramento are pushing for the city to officially recognize Lavender Heights, a predominantly LGBT neighborhood. They’re asking for custom-made city street signs, rainbow-colored crosswalks, and flags—similar to those in San Francisco’s Castro district. [Read more here]

3. Pennsylvania is one of thirty-two states without full LGBT employment discrimination protections. Here’s an infographic with interesting stats about the state’s LGBT workers. [Read more here]

4. During her “Most Fascinating People of 2014” interview with Chelsea Handler, Barbara Walters grilled the comedienne about her sexuality. “I’m not a lesbian,” Chelsea said, “I wish I was. I would help you. I would try to make this interview more exciting.” [Read more here]

5. Puma has tapped Rihanna as the brand’s new creative director. The seven-time Grammy Award winner will oversee Puma’s womenswear line, which includes picking out colors, styles, and influencing the line’s direction. [Read more here]

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