Editor’s Picks of the Week


(1) Tom Stoppard’s Indian Ink at A.C.T. in San Francisco is running through February 8. The production captures the melancholic erotism at the play’s carefully rebellious heart.

(2) Iron and Resin is having a sale at its outpost on Columbus in San Francisco. If a surfer and a hipster had a bearded baby, he’d grow up to shop here.

(3) As Handel’s “Sarabande” played, Thom Browne sent his Fall 2015 menswear show down the runway. “Funereal” would be one way to describe it. A kind of deathly Dickensian allure would be another.

(4) If Thom Browne’s menswear line is a little too much for you, then his Black Fleece line for Brooks Brothers could be more to your liking. I love it. The Black Fleece boutiques are also having a sale with markdowns of up to 50 percent.

(5) Over two million people have watched brother-sister duo Nathan and Eva Leach singing “Hero” on YouTube. See it for yourself if you haven’t already. These kids are cool because they don’t seem to know how cool they are. But they are—rightly so—confident of their talent.

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