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Bisexuality is being given a rare boost in visibility as Oregon’s secretary of state, Kate Brown, prepares to become the first openly bisexual governor in the US. Brown is married to a man, but throughout her political career has been very open about being bisexual. [Read More]

The Human Rights Campaign has just released a new study, showing that a slim majority (60 percent) of Americans are in favor of marriage equality. [Read More]

Lesley Gore (the singer of “It’s My Party”) died today after a battle with cancer. She was 68. [Read More]

The WWE is scheduled to tour in Abu Dhabi soon, an event that openly gay wrestler Darren Young was not invited to. He responded by posting a series of angry tweets, which the company asked him to delete shortly before they released a statement explaining their position: he was deliberately left out due to concerns for his safety in the extremely anti-gay region.  [Read More]

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