Good news, everyone! Hillary Clinton runs for president


As you may or may not have heard, on April 12 Hillary Clinton officially announced her run for president of the United States.

I’m sure that there are a lot of conflicting feelings about this. Some people would rather see someone more progressive in the running, like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Others would rather see a non-dynasty run: after all, if Jeb Bush gets the GOP candidacy and Clinton gets the Democrat, it will be 1991 all over again.

That doesn’t mean that Hillary Clinton isn’t a great choice. She might just be the president we need.

To begin with, she is very much an LGBT advocate. In her campaign announcement video, she features a gay couple that’s marrying in July. (They even invited her to their wedding.) She also has an openly gay campaign manager.

It’s definitely nice to have a candidate that is willing to stand up for LGBT rights. After all, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Dr. Ben Carson have all proven that they are on the wrong side of history.

With Clinton as president, we also might get universal health care, a topic we know she is passionate about. Her husband ran on that platform in 1991, and Clinton herself helped in the attempt to secure their health care reforms, although it ultimately failed once it went to Congress.

We also know that she is as equally passionate about strengthening a Wall Street reform, and she has said that she would like to raise taxes on the ultra-rich and cut them for the middle class. These are also very important, as the GOP’s last budget was aimed at continuing to make the rich richer and making the poor poorer.

Also importantly, both Hillary and Bill seem to work very well together as a husband/wife pair. They each provide a sounding board instead an echo chamber for one another, making it feasible that they would come up with strong legislation that works.

It’s important that we start voting for people who are willing to advocate for the everyman, who are willing to speak up in favor of equal rights. More importantly, we need people who are going to look at stagnating wages and say, “That’s not right.”

Admittedly, I would prefer a candidate like Warren or Sanders, but it’s not a realistic goal. Warren has repeatedly said she will not run, and they might also be too progressive for most middle-of-the-road Americans.

I also don’t want to see a third Bush in the White House. As much as the GOP and Fox News seem to have forgotten the Bush presidency existed (while simultaneously giving Cheney a sounding board), it doesn’t mean that the rest of us did. We didn’t forget the debt shouldered on Americans. We didn’t forget the war that we still find ourselves in, with the threat of another one looming.

While Jeb Bush isn’t officially the Republican candidate (as the National Conventions are next year), he does seem the most likely candidate. I wish we didn’t have a dynasty candidate on the Democrat side as well, but Hillary certainly seems the most likely choice. Also, some dynasties have worked out well for the US in the past—like the Roosevelts.

More importantly, it’s refreshing to see a presidential candidate that is very much pro-LGBT; one can only tolerate hearing so much hate.

It’s nice to hear some acceptance coming from politics.

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