IFC gives the black queer community a platform with Black Summer Nights


The Independent Film Channel (IFC) is once again offering its special summer season event run by Queer/Art/Film. This year they are focusing on the queer black community, with a series called Black Summer Nights.

Since the summer of 2009, every month Queer/Art/Film has held an event in downtown New York City at the IFC Center. The organization picks a local LGBT artist and asks them to choose one of the movies that has inspired them the most to be shown at the event; afterwards, there is a discussion about the film. The evening is capped off by a trip to Julius’, the oldest gay bar in New York City.

During the summer of 2015, they are offering a selection of black queer artists and the movies that inspired them, entitled Black Summer Nights. During each of four nights, they will welcome a black, gay artist to share a movie that inspired them.

The series kicks off with Looking for Langston and Isaac Julian Shorts. The Teddy-Award winning film is a cult gay classic, showcasing director Isaac Julien’s style. In the words of guest host M. Lamar, a musician and performance artist, Julien’s work is where “black men, black beauty and black homosexuality on screen as it has never been seen before or since. In the wake of Ferguson I would love for us to look at this film and think about how black men are seen in our culture and how this film disrupts that white supremacist view.”

The three other movies scheduled to be shown are Mahogany, the Diana Ross classic; James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket, the story of the legendary writer and Civil Rights activist whose 90th birthday is this year; and Friday, the movie that gave us the phrase “Bye Felicia.”

The series starts on May 11 and runs through August, with one showing held every month. Those interested can order tickets through the IFC website.


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