The world unites for Bruce Jenner’s brave coming out story


As evidenced by the media explosion following Bruce Jenner’s announcement that he is in fact transitioning to female, people all over the world—and of all genders—are painting their nails in support of Jenner’s decision to come out publicly.

The now-ubiquitous campaign started with a simple twitter hashtag, #PaintYourNailsforBruce, from two radio hosts in Australia.

In no time, the hashtag was trending worldwide, and thousands of pictures were being uploaded to show solidarity and support.

The idea for the campaign came from a quote by Jenner in the now-famous interview: “I want to be able to wear nail polish long enough that it actually chips off.”

The activism from KISS 1065 station has come under a small amount of criticism; some journalists pointed out that painting your nails is not necessarily feminine, and argued that “we can do better.”

Still, such far-reaching support for the transgender community is nothing to scoff at. Kind words (and pictures) go a long way.


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