All right Mr. DeMille, Caitlyn Jenner is ready for her closeup


“Call me Caitlyn.”

That quote is gracing the cover of July’s Vanity Fair. Caitlyn Jenner, once known as gold medal athlete Bruce Jenner, has become candid about her transition, even participating in a reality TV show on E! about this monumental event. The piece comes on the heels of Jenner’s recent interview with Diane Sawyer.

She shows herself off in a post-transition photo shoot with famed photojournalist and celebrity photographer Annie Liebovitz, for which Jenner poses in a somewhat revealing outfit that includes a white corset and shorts. Accompanying the shoot is a black-and-white video, and it also includes a photo of Jenner in a lovely off-the-shoulder gown.

The interview is the work of Pulitzer Prize winning writer Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights. He spent hundreds of hours over a time span of three months prior to the transition, then countless hours after. He speaks with both Jenner’s children, her ex-wives, and her supportive 89-year-old mother, Esther.

The article has some humorous points, such as stories of the people closest to her struggling to remember the proper gender pronoun to use. She told Bissinger, “I don’t really get hung up. A guy came in the other day and I was fully dressed—it’s just habit, I said, ‘Hi, Bruce here,’ and I went, Oh fuck, it ain’t Bruce, I was screwing up doing it.”

She disclosed some heartbreaking stories from before her transition as well. She talked about what she felt after winning the gold medal: “underneath my suit I have a bra and panty hose and this and that and thinking to myself, They know nothing about me…Little did they know I was totally empty inside.” 

It takes a lot of bravery for someone to come out to the world and say that this is who they are.

Jenner also goes on to talk about what life has been like after telling the world who she really is. She says she gets excited going to the mailbox because of all the letters from all over the world. She even managed to have her own trending hashtag on Twitter.

She says about her transition, “If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life.’ ”

The 22-page Vanity Fair interview will hit newsstands June 9.

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