Unscripted transgender show “Becoming Us” now available to watch online


ABC Family’s unscripted transgender show Becoming Us is now available to watch online, ahead of its scheduled TV premiere on Monday, June 8.

According to its official description, the show follows Ben, “an ordinary Midwestern” sixteen-year-old, who is “going through a unique situation.” His parents recently divorced, and if that wasn’t complicated enough, he learned that his father is transgender and has decided to transition from Charlie to Carly. 

In the first episode of the show, “#WelcomeToMyWorld,” Ben’s girlfriend Danielle decides to introduce Carly to her own father—who also happens to be in the beginning stages of transitioning to a woman. (How precisely Ben and Danielle met has yet to be revealed.)

Becoming Us is intended to enlighten as well as entertain, and Carly provides much insight into her life, especially about the spectrum of emotions that transitioning evokes: “It’s not a hobby being who I am.”

Variety noted that so far, the series is unfortunately “indulging in some of the bad habits endemic to this form of unscripted fare,” such as direct-to-camera interviews and Ben’s “overly massaged” narration. Still, though it may be “a work in progress,” the show provides representation for a demographic that’s still scarce on American TV.

Becoming Us can be streamed here. Watch the latest previews below:

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