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The dashing Brandon Voss has made a career of producing unforgettable gay nightlife events in New York City. As the founder of Voss Events, he has curated an exhilarating mix of beautifully ageless Adonis types, commanding LGBT performers, and celebrities du jour into a wondrous spectacle.

Cleverly riding the line between elegance and debauchery, Voss knows how to leave us begging for more. In honor of Gay Pride, Voss delivered the unexpected with appearances by Adam Lambert, Candis Cayne, and the indomitable Caitlyn Jenner.

We couldn’t wait to hear his thoughts on Caitlyn’s landmark appearance, Hillary Clinton’s “Equal” video, and just what really went on at his “Bathhouse” party.

dot429: When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in nightlife?

Brandon Voss: I kind of fell into it. I was working as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers when it went bankrupt. I started doing this for fun and ended up never going back to finance.

dot429: What is the key to throwing a riveting gay party in New York City?

BV: Getting the right mix of people.

dot429: Can you tell us about the concept of your new party, “Fridays at the Zoo” with Kenny Kenny?

BV: It’s a Roving party so it’s a new venue every week. Everybody in New York City has A.D.D. and gets bored very quickly. This is basically a grand opening every Friday, which keeps people’s attention.

dot429: Three words to describe your naughty Saturday “Teabag” party at the Eagle with Patrick Duffy?

BV: Expect the unexpected.

dot429: How do we continue to foster a positive sense of self in the LGBT community?

BV: Through the knowledge that every individual has something that makes him/her different and being different makes you special.

dot429: Caitlyn Jenner was the surprise host at your annual Pride Sunday event at PHD Rooftop at Dream Downtown co-produced with Jared Needle. How did you manage to keep the secret under wraps?

BV: The only way to keep something like that secret is not to tell anyone. It wasn’t so much to surprise our guests. It was to keep the paparazzi from swarming the place.

dot429: How did Caitlyn make her entrance?

BV: She came early before the crowd gathered and sat in a private area for lunch on the terrace. She made her big entrance when she moved inside for the Candis Cayne show with her security team and camera crew in tow.

dot429: Candis Cayne dedicated “I’m Every Woman” to Jenner. What was the atmosphere like in the room?

BV: People were excited. The crowd was chanting Caitlyn’s name and she got up to greet them and take selfies with the crowd. The producers told us no pictures were allowed, but apparently she got caught up in the moment and did so anyway.

dot429: Best memory of “Bathhouse,” the Saturday party you threw during Pride with Patrick Duffy?

BV: The upstairs sauna. I thought people would be too shy to participate but the upstairs reached its 400-person capacity almost immediately. Everybody was stripped down to just towels and it was a pretty hot scene.

dot429: Performer that blew you away during Pride 2015?

BV: Adam Lambert performed at our Pride Opener at Marquee. The guy can really sing.

dot429: What do you think Hillary Clinton’s new video “Equal” signifies for the LGBT community?

BV: I’ve always been a Hillary advocate, but it sure would have been nice to see a politician put something like that out before it became in fashion.

dot429: Your reaction to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage?

BV: I’m marrying my partner of nine years this September, so it’s nice to know our commitment will now be recognized nationwide.

dot429: What do you love most about NYC gay nightlife?

BV: Everything.

dot429: Drag Race star who reigns above the rest?

BV: Bianca Del Rio (but I’m biased because we’re besties).

dot429: Most lavish party you’ve attended?

BV: Life Ball.

dot429: Chris Pratt or Channing Tatum?

BV: Neither.

dot429: TV show you can’t miss?

BV: House of Cards and Modern Family.

dot429: Most overexposed celebrity?

BV: Caitlyn Jenner—but I’m still interested (and so are you).

dot429: Idea of the perfect evening in NYC?

BV: Staying home with my fiancé.

dot429: What do you treasure the most about living in New York City?

BV: The diversity.

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