Katherine Heigel and Alex Bledel to star in lesbian dramedy Jenny’s Wedding


Grey’s Anatomy’s Izzie Stevens has nothing on the character played by Katherine Heigel in her new role in Jenny’s Wedding.

In the film, Heigel’s character, Jenny, lives her life as an openly gay woman to everyone except her family.

The first trailer for the movie shows Jenny’s parents are elated to hear she is in a serious relationship and plans to get married but they are taken back once they discover she plans to marry her longtime girlfriend Kitty, played by Alexis Bledel, whom they’ve always thought was simply her “roommate.” Despite having to face a devastating pushback from Jenny’s family, the two women learn to navigate the situation and show Jenny’s parents that marriage deserves respect and support, regardless if the couple is gay or straight.

The film comes at a relevant time because it shows that even with the recent Supreme Court ruling, it doesn’t make the process of coming out any easier. The reality is that while the states are now legally required to acknowledge the validity of a same-sex marriage, society is not. Men and women will still struggle with coming out to their conservative families who are still uncomfortable with the societal shift. But as the trailer suggest, a family bond is something that’s worth fighting for.

Jenny’s Wedding is an emotionally raw and deeply rewarding family drama anchored by powerful turns from its star-studded ensemble cast. Aside from starring Emmy winning Heigl and Bledel, the cast also consist of two-time Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson who plays Jenny’s father, Linda Emond, and Grace Gummer (Meryl Streep’s daughter). 

The world premier for the film will be in Los Angeles, July 10th, at Outfest, followed by a live Q&A with the cast and crew. Theatrical release for the movie will be July 31st, VOD August 1st.

Watch the trailer here:

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