London’s queer women discuss biphobia


Lesbian blogger Tina Ledger has created a series of YouTube videos called the Sapphic Clique, in which she goes around to London night clubs and asks various questions. Previous topics have included homophobia, woman crushes, and The L Word. Most recently, she asked about biphobia.

Bisexuality is surrounded by some controversy—biphobia is a big part of the problem, and with it comes a certain degree of hate. The most recent example of this is Dutch singer Loona claiming that bisexual celebrities aren’t actually bisexual. It also manifests in more insidious ways, like having a negative impact on healthcare, or the lack of bisexual representation we see in modern media.

When Langer asks a series of queer women about bisexual hate, she receives some rather interesting answers, some of which support a rather well-used misnomer—that all bisexuals are really gay.

The video is largely hopeful, seeming to indicate that bisexuals, particularly bisexual women (because this is the Sapphic Clique here), do have a higher degree of acceptance in London than elsewhere. It also shows women sharing mostly positive statements supporting bisexual people; this might be a sign that maybe the old view of bisexuality being a myth is beginning to change.

Watch the video below:

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