Wait, a video primer for gender identity?!?


We live in a time where gender fluidity and being non-gender conforming are coming more to the forefront. What are the current terms out there? How can one be aware of them? What do they mean? Thankfully, there’s a video for that. 

Avid YouTuber Ashley Mardell has created a primer of gender terms and definitions as they stand right now. It’s a long list, and as such, there’s a certain amount of redundancy, and many inclusive umbrella terms. 

In the two-part video, Ashley talks to people who explain terms that relate to their own gender expression and/or identity. In her own words: “Because I’m cisgendered and coming from a place of privilege, I’m going to act as more of a moderator.”

Because there are a lot of terms, the primer comes to about twenty-seven minutes total. It is a bit long, but it covers virtually everything that one should know about gender identity.

Watch both parts below:

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