Bisexual men’s myths: Yes, bisexual men are real


There is one demographic that is frequently overlooked by virtually every other: that of the bisexual man. There’s a general belief that they don’t exist, and it’s actually become a well-known myth because it’s so prevalent.

That’s not the only myth that exists regarding bisexual men, and so the girls at Girlfriends TV put together a video on the topic; Bisexual Guy Myths Busted! is a great partner piece to their video about bisexual girls.

So, how are the myths different than what women hear?

Many of them are specifically about sex. While there are some similiar questions about bisexual women, they’re not quite as presumptuous as they are with men. For example, statements like “if you’re a bisexual guy, you must be a bottom,” speak volumes about how bisexual men are viewed.

There is also the inevitable statement about how men who claim to be bisexual are doing so as a stepping stone to coming out as gay. It’s true that some have done that, but that doesn’t mean that it’s true for all—there are plenty of men for whom identifying as bisexual isn’t just a phase.

One myth heard across the board: you can only be bisexual if you date more than one gender at a time. The problem with this is that not all bisexual people are polyamorous, meaning they’re not going to be dating more than one person at a time. Also, attraction doesn’t work that way.

See all these and more answered by a bisexual male below:

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