Lauren Conrad is About to Bust “The Hills” Wide Open


A year ago, Will Rebein’s extraordinary art film Speidi was released to great acclaim. The nearly 3-hour film was created in two weeks, and features some of the most poignant, grueling, and embarrassing moments in the decade-long spectacle of a highly-publicized relationship.

            As a gay kid from Kansas, Rebein identified with Heidi Montag, the woman who became famous through her association with Lauren Conrad, her co-star on the iconic reality show The Hills. And let’s be real: Rebein is far from the only rural gay kid to identify with the entire fairy tale of The Hills. Lauren Conrad’s world was dazzling yet down to earth—her friendship with Heidi, who famously (along with her boyfriend Spencer Pratt) was accused of leaking information about Lauren’s alleged sextape, was one of the great historical frivalships of the early oughts, rivaled only Paris and Nicole, and Snooki and JWoww. The two friends had moved to LA together to live their dreams, only to be torn asunder, caught in a web of sex, lies, and (alleged) videotape.

            So you can imagine just how awesome it is that The Hills is returning to MTV, as a Lauren Conrad-hosted special. That’s right—she’s about to tell her story. Since apparently that’s not the story the Hills was focused on telling to begin with.


            But who are we to judge? We couldn’t be more here for it. And Lauren, we’ve never been more ready for your grand return to MTV’s vaunted halls. Who knows what we’ll find out in the Hills’ latest installment. When it comes to the lives others, the maxim still holds: We think we know, but we have no idea.

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