Why Mike Colter is the Thirst Trap We Never Knew We Needed


Do you remember 2010? Well I do. It was the year our glorious lord first blessed us with the presence of Mike Colter, aka Lemond Bishop, Alicia Florrick’s soft spoken, dapper-as-fuck gangster client on “The Good Wife”. The first moment that Colter came on the scene our hearts were destroyed in the presence of such beauty. But we soldiered on, innocently unaware of the bounty of pink shirts and purple ties to come.

So you course you can imagine just how thirsty we’ve become in the years between, waiting for Mike Colter to have his moment at last. And behold: Our day has come. Colter is Marvel’s Luke Cage—and we can finally behold him in all his bulletproof glory in the series’ first trailer

Luke Cage is the latest installment in the Netflix-Marvel universe, a hyperrealist cityscape combining low-ability superheros and high powered corporate criminals. Daredevil, now heading into its third season, got us excited. The lamentably postponed second season of Jessica Jones leaves us still hanging. Luke Cage, set in Harlem instead of the stylized Hell’s Kitchen of the first two series, promises a different take, while giving a musical nod to the original conception for the character. It’s also a creation story.

            In Jessica Jones, we saw Luke Cage as a broken man. When we met him, he was in mourning for his wife (killed, we later find out, by Jessica Jones while under the power of the nefarious Kilgrave) and letting his powers go to waste while working at his depressing bar in Hell’s Kitchen. He’s unbreakable, of course—we learn that soon enough. His skin can’t be penetrated by bullets, knives, or flames. Which is a pretty great skill when you’re living in the treacherous Netflix/Marvel universe.

      Luke Cage’s own series promises to be about new beginnings. The presence of Rosario Dawson’s character from the other two series set Cage’s story in the universe was already know and love—but the absence of Jessica Jones, Cage’s former love interest, means that we’re going to be looking at a different kind of plotline. The kind of evil Cage is going to be dealing with is going to be more direct—he’s trying to break up a chain of Lemond Bishop-style gangsters in Harlem, armed with nothing but a stylish gray hoodie and his unbreakable skin. Oh, and the 30 pounds of extra muscle Colter apparently picked up for the role. Which would leave, what? 2 pounds of non-muscle?

I mean, let’s just take a minute to appreciate Mike Colter.


And again


And for the love of GOD, here

Suffice it to say, we’re here for it.

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