Privatized Prisons are a Thing of the Past


When did social justice stories in the media start overturning real-life court decisions? Was it when Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein breaking open a nation-wide scandal in the pages of the Washington Post? Or was it with the release of last year’s Making a Murderer, the addictive Netflix serial that had people clamoring for Steven Avery’s freedom?

Whoever is first responsible for bringing previously ignored issues to light in print and on screen, we’re indebted to them for the progress Americans are slowly but surely achieving in this century. The latest notch on the bedpost is the Justice Department’s decision to put an eventual end to private, for-profit prisons. What brought on this change? Well, in all honesty, probably Clinton, who has been calling for prison reform for some time now.

But we here at FourTwoNine would like to give the credit to someone else.


Our Lord and Savior, Jenji Kohan.


For who else, in our great nation, is listened to be so many, and with such rapt attention? Was it not she who ushered in a new era in social justice with the creation of the wonderful Orange is the New Black? And was it not she who, in recent seasons, brought to light the disastrous plight of prisoners in a for-profit prison trying to make ends meet by soaking up underwear with their felonious spunk to sell online? Was it not she who first enlightened us to this stain on the face of our great nation in the form of inmate-made undies?


Not really. But we’d like to give her credit anyway. Jenji Kohan, we love you and we want to bear your children.


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