Microsoft Unveils Surface Studio and It’s Super Mega Fancy


This morning, feeble, tech hungry minds were blown as Microsoft unloaded a ton of nifty new gadgets aimed at turning mere Windows 10 mortals into creative, robo-geniuses.

The event boasted upgrades on Microsoft favorites like Paint, which now allows for 3D doodling, live-streaming options on the XBox app as well as new additions including a Windows compatible VR headset.

But the belle of the ball was definitely the new Surface Studio, an all in one desktop guaranteed to fulfill your wildest dreams while simultaneously emptying your bank account. Prices start at $3,000.00, $4,200.00 if you’re nasty. The PC itself is very beautiful, incredibly sleek and features a rather colossally sized 28” screen. The LCD touchscreen is a slight 1.3 millimeters thick, making it the thinnest monitor ever created and with 13.5 million pixels, vibrant doesn’t even begin to describe the 192 dpi resolution.

The Surface Studio also comes equipped with a wireless keyboard, the Surface Pen, which you may recognize from such devices as the Surface Book and Surface Pro and a charming little addition called a Surface Dial. The dial, which can only logically be powered by dark magic, is used in a mouse capacity or can be put directly on the screen to operate a radial menu, which looks to be incredibly beneficial to graphic designers and artists. *Note- after pre order, the Surface Dial will be sold as an add on item for an additional $99.00. Lame.

Have we mentioned the hinge? So what really makes the Surface Studio, “studio-y” is the zero gravity hinge that can be pushed to down to a 20 degree angle making the surface optimal for sketching or drafting. Creatives rejoice! Microsoft has your back.

Your move, Apple.

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