Secret Deodorant Continues to Crush It With Trans-Positive Ads


Today we saw something that set out hearts aflutter with hope and the promise of a new world, a world in which trans folks don’t have to deal with stupid bullshit.

This was no other than the latest in a series of Secret Deodorant #StressTest ads promoting women’s equality in the workplace, and in the bathroom. The ad is beautifully, subtly done: A medium shot of a trans woman hiding in the stall of a women’s public bathroom, afraid of showing herself in case she’s in for a torrent of ignorant abuse. See for yourself:

2016 has brought about what feels like a sea change in the beauty movement. The old mantra of ‘call us ugly to sell us shit’ is becoming more and more subtly corrupted by a change in vision–a change in the way these companies are trying to sell to us. They want to include as many people as they can in their target demographic, and they want to do it in a respectful way. It’s kind of depressing, but also pretty heartening. Secret’s new ad may be just a commercial, but that’s its strength. Commercials have the furthest reach of any type of media, and they have more of a social effect than one might think. Secret may be a corporation out to make a dollar, but at least they’re going about it in a socially-conscious way. That’s really all we can ask of our corporations to begin with.

Hats off to you, Secret. You’re doing good work.

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