Marilyn Manson Gives In To Violence with ‘Say10’ Clip


Marilyn Manson has a long, storied history of saying what we’re all feeling. Today he has possibly reached the apotheosis of the post-90s part of his shock-for-profit career with a brilliantly-timed election day clip from his forthcoming album, ‘Say10’ (that’s ‘Satan’, in case you didn’t get it.) The clip is from the music video for the title track, and features Manson pulling pages out of a Bible while rolling his eyes (great) repeating ‘You say God/I say Satan’ over an image of a gorily beheaded Donald Trump in a pool of his own blood.

Immediate reaction from a neurotic, fingernail-biting liberal on this day of days: You say ‘Say10’, I say GREAT!

Although this isn’t a video to watch if you’re at all squeamish, it definitely captures something that the media has avoided talking about so far in this election season. What happens to all the violence, dark emotion, and vengeful thoughts that liberals feel for Trump and the right? We know that the Red states have their guns–but what do we have? How do we express and sublimate our rage?

Through art alone, apparently.

At least Manson has the guts to put the liberal revenge fantasy into words–or better yet, pictures. We’re awfully glad he did.

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