Let the Trailer for Dustin Lance Black’s ‘When We Rise’ Move You


The debut trailer for ABC’s hotly anticipated miniseries, “When We Rise,” will you give you the chills. In a moment when our very rights are at stake, this type of narrative is crucial.

Writer (and partial director), Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar winning writer behind Milk, and Gus Van Sant again team up to highlight the lives and struggles of the LGBT community. Here, they explore the history of LGBT rights, from 1969’s Stonewall up to the present day battle for marriage equality (and of which Black was at the center of).

Starring Guy Pierce as LGBT activist Cleve Jones, Rosie O’Donnell as Del Martin, co-founder of the nation’s first lesbian organization, Mary-Louise Parker as activist Roma Guy, Rachel Griffiths as Guy’s wife Diane and Whoopi Goldberg as Pat Norman, the first openly gay employee of the San Francisco Health Department, this televesion event promises to deliver the goods.

Sadly, our fight is far from over, but the chronicle of what it took to get us here thus far is an important one.

Watch the trailer below.


“When We Rise” premieres in February.

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