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The holidays are officially here. And while we welcome the flossy gift requests, the white elephants of frivolity and stopping at literally nothing to make our homes look and smell like some sort of, multi faceted, cinnamon spice abomination, these all require the one thing we don’t have…fund$.

Money, the thing that can’t buy happiness but can sure as hell buy you a memorable holiday season.

Who couldn’t use an extra $30,000 to brighten the end of an otherwise, bright, sun shiny, not at all walking nightmare, sewer butthole fever dream that was 2016?

Well as luck would have it, the nice people at NASA have just what you’re looking for to scrape together some last minute cash. Space Poop Challenge was launched last October, and offers a prize of up to $30,000 for anyone who can create an, “in-suit waste management system” that can accommodate six days of wear. In other words, NASA needs a hands free way for astronauts to drop the ones and twos in their space suit for a week straight. As of now, super absorbent diapers and space toilets have done the job but these are only good for a day at most. As space travel advances and missions become longer, the need to stay in one’s suit is imperative for proper exploration. What NASA needs is a way for the suit to collect all types of waste without using gravity and keep it held away from the body. The system would need to be hands free, accommodate both men and women of all shapes and sizes, activate in less than five minutes and be comfortable enough to move freely around. Simple right?

The deadline for submissions is Dec. 20th so stop disappointing your family and get crackin.

Challenge Guidelines here

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