Weird Wednesday: American Pride


America has a long and storied history of unusual characters and phenomena. Look at our political system! And any foreign visitor can tell you that it’s clear we’ve undoubtedly built our country on a slew of other oddities. For starters, we have the whole state of Florida! *beams with pride.* But we also have a plethora of other wonderfully odd things from state to state that we can freely gloat about.

If you’re one of those people that like to travel to unexpected places across the land of the free, then you’re in for a treat tonight. Ok, let’s get weird.

In Florida you’ll find the Airstream Ranch. It’s simply a bunch of airstreams jutting vertically from the ground, and somewhat resembling Stonehenge. If you’re in Central Florida, its a bizarre must-see.

Down near the bayou of Louisiana, you’ll find the Gates of Guinee, a haunted little voodoo sanctuary in the French Quarter. It is believed that seven gates are scattered around the city, and will lead you to dark places.

Salvation Mountain is a strange and beloved artifact. Located in Nilan, California, it’s covered in colorful paintings of biblical messages like “God is Love.” The late Leonard King began in 1985 until his death, and it is a must see when in Southern California.

With the rash of violent clown activity sweeping the nation, I’m not sure why’d you go to the Clown Motel in Nevada, but it’s there if you’re feeling…funny.

Pop over to Maine for the International Cryptozoology Museum. This little known gem collects artifacts relating to unusual or unknown animals.

If you’re even in Iowa, check out the Hobo Museum. Opened since the early 80s, is a sort of hobo folk art gallery and archive celebrating the American tradition of being a traveling bum.

Kentucky has Dinosaur World, a park filled with “life-sized” replicas of what we image dinosaurs looked like.

Everyone’s favorite American pastime is burning witches at the stake. You can enjoy this old practice in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, and while you’re there, stop by the Witch House (not to be confused with the electronic music sub genre)

America, bless you.

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