Drunk Highlights From Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Drunk History


Fact: “Hamilton” is objectively dope. The Grammy, Tony and Pulitzer prize winning Broadway musical just broke the record for the most money made in single week by any other Broadway show, $3 million if anyone’s counting.

If that wasn’t enough, fans of the critically acclaimed bio-musical were treated to a “spirited” re-telling by the Golden Child himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda on last night’s “Drunk History.”

Miranda’s appearance had been hyped since news broke last July that he would be slurring his way through the famed re-telling and needless to say he did not disappoint. As expected, Miranda’s enthusiasm and charm is almost infuriating, and alcohol only adds fuel to his delightful fire.

In 21 minutes, Miranda manages to tell the compelling, albeit giggly, story of the lives and rivalry between Alexander Hamilton (played fantastically by Alia Shawkat) and Aaron Burr (played by Aubrey Plaza.) Between swigs of what appears to be a whiskey rocks, there’s a sex scandal, embezzlement, extortion and even a mid show appearance by Questlove via FaceTime, like I said this show has everything.

Also, special shout out to Derek Waters and the “Drunk History” casting crew for keeping the roles gender and race open. Shawkat and Plaza play their roles to perfection and it’s always refreshing to see a black George Washington (played by Bokeem Woodbine, genius.) There are also appearances by Tony Hale as James Monroe, Dave Grohl as some angry colonial guy.

In the end, we are able to get a different, more intimate take on a story we’ve come to know and love so well and Mr. Miranda is able to get…French fries.

Watch Drunk History on Comedy Central Tues. @10:30.

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