For Trump Tenants, Your New Amenity Is the Secret Service


In an overcrowded place like New York City anything can be considered an amenity. It’s the town where dishwashers are an uber luxury and an Uber ride is well beyond your means. A single excuse for real estate agents to drive consumer interest – and to raise rents – is cause for a PR celebration. And what better place to create a fresh buzz than with the buildings that don the president elect’s brand name: Trump.

In what is seemingly torn from the pages of cinematic satire, or least a punchline from 30 Rock, the hottest new “amenity” for those living in, and dying to live in, Trump Tower is the presence of the Secret Service.

According to Politico, real estate agency giant Douglas Elliman sent an e-mail that promoted a coveted $2.1 million, 1,052-square-foot condominium at 721 Fifth Avenue (the Trump Tower) with the subject line, “”Fifth Avenue Buyers Interested in Secret Service Protection?” That’s right – in the gilded tower of luxury you can have the peace of mind of both a fully functioning dishwasher and the president’s security team at your disposal.

In New York, anything is possible, isn’t it? And yes, America, we’re now living in a SNL skit.

















main image: Politico

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