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Instagram Stories just got a whole lot more scandalous. The Facebook owned social media app just launched their new “Live” feature, which looks alarmingly similar to rival social app, Snapchat. The new live stream addition allows users to post real time broadcasts to their followers by simply swiping over the “live” tab where Instagram stories are uploaded. The “live” option should appear as an update to the IG app.

Much like Facebook Live and exactly like Snapchat, IG followers will receive a notification when a fellow user goes live and can view their broadcast, commenting, liking and adding heart emojis as they watch. When the live broadcast is over, it is gone forever, never to be seen or heard from again. Instagram went with the disappearing option as a way to promote a more “comfortable” sharing experience. *Cue an irrational number of “accidental” nip slips.

Users will also be able to view other popular live streams recommended by the Insta app via fancy, cryptic algorithms. With 500 million IG users, it can be difficult to know whose stories you should be tuning into every 5-7 minutes throughout your entire workday.

So why is this update necessary when there’s already a very similar format on a very similar social media app? One word: youths. The young demographic, though fickle is a lucrative one and basically sets the standard and pace of what’s cool in the ways of communication nowadays. Snap, Inc. whose IPO plan would put the company value at around $25 billion next year would be a blaring indication of this, as would the inescapable inundation of puppy filters on every young girl’s profile picture.

Instagram Live should be available to most users within the next few days so cue up those impromptu car rants and life changing, cleavage filled epiphanies, for your stories may be gone from our phones but they’ll live on forever in our hearts.

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