Pura Vida, Costa Rica with 429 Escapes


There’s some kind of magic in traveling with strangers. You never know what’s in store. The stars could align and something wonderful could unfold, or something quite the opposite could occur. Half the fun is in finding out, and the rest is what you make of it.

This past summer, FourTwoNine and four Southern California-based style bloggers headed to Costa Rica for one crazy weekend. Through the unique lens of each traveler, they captured a once in a lifetime experience in one of the best destinations on earth.

Traveling from Los Angeles to Libeira via Alaska Air, they stayed at the world renowned Andaz Papagayo. From custom cocktail courses to ziplining across mountaintops, to volcanic mud baths and top notch cuisine, 429 Escapes: Costa Rica gave new meaning to the word adventure.


Graze with it, ride with it 🏇

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Waking up to this. 🌿🌿🌿@andazpapagayo

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