11 Gay-ish Films to Give Your Film Buff This Holiday


There are many types of gift receivers we have to consider, even when it’s not the Christmas holiday. But there’s something especially warm about giving a wrapped and thoughtful gift next to that tall, beautifully smelling tree you might’ve dragged into your home.

There’s also nothing better to give and receive than a piece of great art. And you might’ve forgotten this, but film is often a form of widely accessible art, and people love film. They even sometimes love to own a film – even though the thought of physical media gives some people hives.

While the act of purchasing a film is easy, the act of choosing one is not. As any Netflix title surfer knows, you can spend hours just looking at the film titles, ultimately, and frustratingly, opting out of the whole experience in the end, Fear not, we’re here to help. Let us help you choose that perfect gift with this nearly-somewhat-definitive-ish guide for the crazy and gay film buff on your shopping list.

The Valley of the Dolls
This titillating classic has everything you want, and don’t want. Gay, straight, whatever, this is the movie all film buffs must own.

In a Lonely Place
While not a gay film, there’s always something gay-ish about old Hollywood. And while Mr Bogart was certainly not gay, his wife, Lauren Bacall, was a gay icon. This drama will give you the sads, but man, is it beautiful.

Sad Vacation
MVD Visual
There’s something wonderfully queer about punk rock, and nothing is more punk rock than the tale of Sid & Nancy. This documentary details their final moments together on that fateful night in the Chelsea Hotel.

Clouds of Sils Maria
A complicated psychological drama with powerhouse performances and high sexual tension.

Mondo Vision
This movie features one of the strangest and most unforgettable scenes ever created in cinema. It’s essentially a kitchen sink drama that devolves into ever-bizarre territory as a failing marriage slowly consumes the couple.

Multiple Maniacs
Created by The Godfather of Filth, Mr John Waters himself, this film has eluded a proper release on home video for years. Now you can see Divine in all her infamous glory in this pristine restoration of the film.

Other People
Wolfe Video
This movie is billed as a comedy, but I’ll tell you now it’s not. While it’s filled with funny people, and is sometimes actually hilarious, it’s a very sad drama indeed. Too close to the skin, but beautifully crafted.

King Cobra
Who doesn’t want to see James Franco and Christian Slater in a film about a violent end to a gay porn producer’s life? Also starring Garrett Clayon of Disney Channel fame, this a fascinating tale in a B-movie blanket.

The Weinstein Company
This tragic and gorgeous film has a cast to die for. Two words: Cate Blanchett. It’s a modern classic.

Fox and His Friends
The classic tale of the precarious homosexual, created by by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Something For Everyone
Kino Lorber
Angela Lansbury and Michael York take us on a journey through scandalized German nobility – from seduction to murder, and everything in between.


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