Old Loves: Remembering Madonna and Basquiat’s Brief Encounter


In these wistful times, when we’re so often just trying to hang on to what’s real, there’s nothing more comforting that thinking about people who once dated briefly in the ’90s. Yes, we’re talking about the famous Old Loves tumblr, appreciated worldwide and vaunted in that Girls episode. It is a true gem of the internet, and not a day goes by when we don’t revisit it for a pearl of relationship wisdom. And great pics.

The greatest of all of these–in terms of pictures, at least–is the short-lived affair between Basquiat and Madonna, both on the cusp of shuddering fame. Before she started dating Sean Penn, and before he…you know…died…they were an aesthetically perfect item.

We may never know what they spoke about in private, or what kept them together. So let’s just take a minute to appreciate the hands-down greatest hair couple of the hair-tastic ’80s. For a brief window between 1992 and 1993, the world was their oyster. Thank god the moment was captured.





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