The Aesthetically Pleasing Trend Food That Might Populate Your Plate This Year


Kale has had it’s moment, hasn’t it? While healthy, hearty, and somewhat tasty in its own right, this super vegetable saturated the zeitgeist when Beyoncé rocked a Kale sweater with a font cleverly packaging it as the classic Yale logo. Basic b*tches and gay men the world over clamored for the green, and the sweater. Smart food, smart move? Maybe, but some chefs have already called kale out as overrated. You have to admit it’s not the most pleasant to eat sometimes. So where the KALE do we go from here?

The next veggie to mount the trend totem is none other than cauliflower. And we’re not just talking about the steamed, stinky white puffs that often go ignored on the plate. No way. We’re talking about purple cauliflower. Yes, the color that traditionally represents royalty has its very own strain of Brassica oleracea.

Brighter and more fun that it’s green friend, this pending trend might just have been chosen for its aesthetic than anything else. While it does serve as a solid, though watery, substitution for mashed potatoes, the amount of nutrients found in purple cauliflower are actually similar to those found in common white cauliflower. Though it’s been rumored to lower sugar levels, it’s not the next blueberry, that’s for sure.

This food trend might die on the vine, but we can look forward to other, darker veggies giving it a go in 2017. In the meantime, we’ll stick with romaine.

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