A Full Archive of Everything Trump Has Ever Said? Bring It


Have you ever felt like there are just so many insane things Trump has said that it would be impossible to even begin to keep track of them?

You sure have, because it’s a totally sane response to have to Trump opening his mouth at any given time.

Well you’re in luck–and so are we all. The Internet Archive–that stalwart champion of the public domain–is doing the work of keeping everything Trump has ever said, in film, print, and online, in one place. Just in case he tries to, you know, deny any of it.

It’s a nice thing to have for the next four years of endless fact-checking, retreading, deleted tweets and “I never said that” claims. And that’s not even getting into the possibility of supercuts. We owe you one, internet.

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Henry Giardina is FourTwoNine's Senior Editor

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