Viola Davis Wears Christian Siriano to Her Walk of Fame Star Unveiling


Let’s begin by saying that Viola Davis is a wonderful gift that we don’t deserve. She’s been setting Hollywood straight on how to showcase Black women in strong leading roles since, oh, roughly 2000 with her first appearance on the show “City of Angels”. She’s a force to be reckoned with as Annalise Keating on the Shonda Rhimes-produced How to Get Away With Murder, and if she doesn’t pick up an Oscar for this year’s Fences, we will personally cry bullshit from the hilltops. From the HILLTOPS.

That said, she’s also one of our most undersung fashion icons, both onscreen and IRL. Let’s just take her most recent fashion statement–a beautiful long-sleeved Christian Siriano dress–into account. Davis wore the dress to her recent Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiling, and looked absolutely radiant. It’s not only that the dress looked great–Davis’s choice of ex-Project Runway star Siriano is becoming, in these times, an almost political preference. Siriano has made his name dressing bodies that haven’t traditionally gotten the same kind of attention as the standard, stick-thin model bods that are celebrated in the fashion industry. In short, he prides himself on dressing real women, and doing it beautifully. His latest collaboration with power actress Davis proves no exception.


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