Blackberry is Back With a New, Cutting-Edge Keyboard Phone


Blackberry users- feel free to come out of the shadows, your cries have been heard, you pleas to live in a clickedy-click world again have been answered. Earlier this week, Chinese manufacturer and new Blackberry branded phone rights owner TCL announced that a new Blackberry phone would be hitting the shelves very soon and the QWERTY keyboard we’ve all missed so dearly will be coming with it.

The announcement was made at CES 2017 and here’s what we know so far:

(Spoiler, it’s not much.)

  •      Although the Android Nougat phone does not currently have a permanent name, it’s been going by the codename, “Mercury,” which sounds exactly like a phone that doesn’t need a codename because that should just be the name.
  •      Yes, you’ve heard correctly, the keyboard is back, and with some upgrades. A fingerprint sensor will be built into the space bar and the keyboard itself will have capacitive touch capabilities much like the keyboard of the Priv.
  •      It has a phone jack.

What has yet to be determined is literally everything else. Things like the actual size of the phone; it’s screen size and resolution, what kind of camera it will have and how much it will cost have yet to be revealed. It is speculated that those details as well as a release date will be announced around the time of Mobile World Congress in February.

Here’s a video of a floating Blackberry “Mercury” set to some pensive instrumentals.

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