Donald Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech


The Golden Globes were filled with star-studded red carpet fashion and allure, but the night also highlighted our current political crisis. The stand-out monologue came from Meryl Streep’s lifetime award acceptance speech. Streep utilized her platform to remind us of how the entertainment industry is meant to bring to life stories that are often untold from people of all walks of life. Thus the night was filled with topical and important political messages from our favorite celebrities. She also addressed the unacceptable behavior of our misfortunate president-elect, adding to the list of entertainers who disapprove of Trump. Using the speech to remind people of the horrendous way Trump mocked a disabled journalist.

People across America anxiously awaited for the audacious attack on Streep from Trump and alas it has arrived:

Trump not only refuses to apologize for what he did, but continues to fill his Twitter page with ramblings about people he tries to disparage as irrelevant. And, of course, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to further brand Hillary and her supporters as losers. This is the man we elected, America. Take a good look.

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