The Twin Peaks Return is “Pure Heroin” David Lynch


We had to had to take a Xanax just to write this, so let’s get the big news out of the way first: the Season 3 premiere of the long-awaited return to Twin Peaks is May 21st at 9pm on Showtime. Deadline Reports that this will be a 2-hour event, bringing back some of the most loved (and reviled) characters the TV world has ever seen. With director/creator/writer David Lynch and the original music composer, Angelo Badalamenti, at the creative helms, this could very well be the most talked about television event of the year.

Even greater news? The third and fourth episodes will are rumored to be set for access online immediately after the premiere via Showtime’s VOD service. Serving us 18 hour-long episodes, this season is said by Showtime president David Nevins to be, “the pure heroin version of David Lynch.” Not only is Nevins excited to put this season out, but also revealed that it will be be close-ended, one-time event. This is the final moment to revel in the cult hit, and we couldn’t be more stoked.

Adding to the mix of most of the original cast is a slew of new starring roles and wild cameos. The lineup includes Lynch himself, Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails), Sky Ferreira, Eddie Vedder, and more.

To honor 25 years (yup, were old) the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me will also return to theaters around the same time.

Check out the trailer and try not to die.

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