The iPhone is officially a “Tween”


Ten years ago today Steve Jobs introduced society to a life-changing device that would change the way we go to the bathroom forever. It was on this day, January 9th, 2007 that Jobs and Apple, Inc. shared the iPhone with the world, calling it a, “revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone.”

The revolutionary design combined the touchpad screen of the iPod with a groundbreaking mobile device and Internet communication technology that had never been seen before. As far as transformative products go, this one set the bar and no one seems to have come remotely close. The iPhone changed the way we communicate and therefore functioned as a society. What Jobs and Apple were able to do is unprecedented in, they were able to take a device and literally make it a symbol of technology itself. The name Apple is synonymous with innovation.

With over 1 billion phones shipped every year, Apple and the iPhone are arguably the most profitable company and product ever.

Ten years and a dozen phones later, the hype is still there. Walk into any Apple store and see how long it takes for a red shirt to find you through a sea of confused and fascinated eyes. Try to get your morning coffee the day a new iPhone is released and tell me how easy it is to NOT trip over those who have slept on the sidewalk in order to cop the new iPhone7 so they can tweet about how lame the wireless earbuds are.

With multiple competing products on the market now, the iPhone has somehow managed to power through and keep us engaged and delighted with tiny tweaks and improvements that we don’t need but must have.

As a loyal iPhone user, I say Happy Birthday and may there be many more.


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