Trevor Noah Doesn’t Give a F*** What You Think


We’ve always been of the opinion that Trevor Noah is pretty much a badass. That’s why we put him on the cover of our Holiday Issue. In a time of political turmoil (of dystopian proportions), it’s important that we have Noah around to speak truth to power. And when we say ‘power’, we think you know who we’re talking about. A certain stage-stealing behemoth who has dominated our screens for the past two decades at least.

That’s right. We’re talking about Meryl Streep.

Like most of us, Trevor Noah was all the way into Streep’s Trump-bashing speech at the Golden Globes. Until he got to that part where Streep bashed Mixed Martial Arts. At that point he was like, what the hell gives?

So let’s give Noah a hand for once more saying the thing that needs to be said, but that everyone is way too afraid to say: Meryl Streep is mostly right about a lot of things, but sometimes not.

Phew, that felt good, didn’t it?

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