Next LA Neighborhood to Get the Gentrification Treatment


At first it was Eagle Rock, then Highland Park, and now… Cypress Park?! LA Weekly reported that there are predicted spikes in real estate for the neighborhood that has just been named one of the hottest in LA.

Los Angeles locals who have enjoyed the more low-key and cooler digs of the east end of LA have also had to endure the looming threat of gentrification for quite some time. The word gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Gentrification could be defined as seemingly improving an otherwise low-rent neighborhood to appease middle-class to upper middle-class standards. Although it usually just means the culture that was cultivated from the odd neighbors next door and the kind of gross but totally delicious and cheap restaurant down the street will no longer be viable as the city transforms. Your cool neighbors will move as rent goes up and the restaurants will be bought out by popular coffee shops. Unsurprisingly, the masters of gentrification tend to be predominantly white and the locals of the unfortunate cities they invade tend to be predominantly people of color. So it’s more than just the neighborhood subculture that’s going out the window.

Cypress Park is located right between Glassell Park and Highland Park and has a large Latino population. Send your prayers.


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  • Pamela Leander

    When do you think Compton will enjoy a come back? Would gentrification help make it safer?

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