The Westboro Baptist Church is At It Again, This Time Picketing a High School


So we all know how the Westboro Baptist Church thrives on hatred of all kinds. As a canny ideological cross between Scientology and the Third Reich, the WBC really just gets its rocks off on picketing just about anything. So what’s come under fire this week? A Kansas high school’s winter formal, of course!

But not just any winter formal. The high schoolers of Derby High School had the audacity of allowing a transgender student to participate in the festivities of the dance–something call the ‘Holly Ball’, of which high schooler Tyler Krayer, a trans man, was crowned King.

Pretty awesome, right? I mean it’s not every day that a high school in rural Kansas celebrates an out trans student just for being themselves!

But of course, the Westboro Baptist Church just don’t play by our rules here on planet Earth. They actually get their instructions from the planet Znergoff, where Donald Trump is the most morally upstanding citizen and it’s still acceptable to wear cargo shorts out of the house.

They’ll be protesting Derby High School’s progressive policies today, if you happen to be in the middle of Kansas and care to start a counter-protest and also have a few rotting tomatoes that are serving exactly zero purpose sitting on your windowsill. But think fast– they’ll only be devoting a precious 45 minutes of their day to this important protest, from 2:45-3:30.


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