LA Smorgasburg 2017: What We’re Jonesing For


Another year, another delicious food fest. We’re officially in the post-Holiday slump, and thankfully we have the reopening of LA Smorgasburg to look forward to, this time with some truly delicious new additions. The ‘burg’s doors reopen on the 15th (that’s this Sunday) and here’s what we’re looking forward to the most:

  1. Wonton goodness from Brothecary


These people are serious about broth and dumplings. Just look at their Instagram feed. The idea of a hot, artisan-made soup is perfect for the string of rainy days we’ve been having.

2. Dragon Bowl Z from Amazebowls


Think breakfast poke-meets-coconut halves and you’ve basically got it. Froyo is so last season.

3. Cones from Wanderlust


The toppings are almost as fancy as the ice cream selections at this high class creamery.

4. Supercharged Hot Chocolate from Yellow Business


Again, desperate (rainy) times call for desperate measures. The legacy waffle shop serves a mean hot chocolate simply overflowing with mallows.

5. Legs from Bukchae


In a medieval mood? Sink your teeth into these Korean jumbo fried turkey legs.

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