This Vivienne Westwood Campaign is Basically The Tempest Starring Pam Anderson


How long have we at FTN been saying that Pamela Anderson is the purest face of fashion? That her every movement and utterance sets the stage for anything of the slightest importance happening in the fashion world as we know it?

Awhile. We’ve been saying it for awhile. Like since last week.

In any case, it didn’t take long for designer and photographer Andreas Kronthaler to hear us and finally cast Anderson as the star of a new campaign. And not just any campaign. The new Vivienne Westwood campaign.

To be fair, Kronthaler might not have taken his cues from us. He and Anderson have been fast friends for some time now, and it shows, because Pamela just allowed him to dress up as a flamboyant Prospero in the Westwood campaign, which looks like a super fancy version of The Tempest that the coolest kids/aspiring YouTube stars in your high school might have mounted in less than two weeks.

Don’t believe me? Look for yourself. And if you must purchase one piece from this marvelous collection, let it be the boob/vagina stencil dress.


Ferdinand seduced by fabrics

Caliban's soliloquy

Caliban’s soliloquy


Trinculo in His Natural Habitat


“Oh Brave New World”

Miranda catches a ride

Miranda catches a ride

Stage Picture, Everybody!

Stage Picture, Everybody!


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