Keeping Time with the Season’s Hottest Watches


In our up-to-the-second, heartbeat-monitoring, do-it-yourself digital era, these classic watches (and retro games) help make life fun again


Audemars Piguet Self-Winding Royal Oak Two-Tone: Thanks to its distinguished “stop-sign” shaped bezel, the Royal Oak has become one of the most easily-identifiable luxury watches since its ’70s debut. This two-tone model is a throwback to one made in 1976.

Audemars Piguet Self-Winding Royal Oak Stainless Steel: The sci-fi-reminiscent waffle-patterned dial shines on the stainless steel model, considered “entry level at $16,900” among the Royal Oak cult (who will pay $100,000 for some models).

Montblanc 4810 Date Automatic: Inspired by trans-Atlantic ship travel in the early 20th century, this stainless steel 4810 sports a radiant guilloché engraving across the entire dial, red-gold hands and an alligator-skin wristband.

Gucci GG2750: It’s “Sun-brushed”, which might remind you of Don Draper’s famous “It’s Toasted!” campaign in Mad Men, but it’s bold blue dial stands out (with its secret “G” logo). The handsome, submarine-y, stainless steel case is good to go down to 100 meters.

Hermes Dressage GM: Inspired, like all of the glam orange brand’s goods, by horsey stuff, the Dressage GM’s case echoes the look of stirrups. With an in-house made mechanical movement, you can avoid getting teased by your Basel-Watch-Fair-Going friends.

Tissot Carson Automatic Chronograph: This stainless steel “dress chronograph” has rolling Art Deco sides that soften what could have been a bulky beast. The dial’s Roman numerals add stateliness to the vintage stop-watch vibe.

Tiffany CT60 Dual Time 40mm: This 18k rose gold edition is Swiss Made but it remains unmistakably American in design. It’s a watch that you’d pick to keep the trains on time in Grand Central, but it also fights any isolationist tendencies by keeping track of another time zone.

Panerai RADIOMIR 1940 3 DAYS AUTOMATIC ACC: Surprisingly slim for a Panerai, it’s the first Radiomir 1940 with a white dial, making the sexy-looking numbers easy to scan–and the natural leather strap adds a tough-guy allure.

Photographed by Jason Pietra; Styled by Taylor Brechtal; Manicure by Geraldine Holford; Producer Villani Productions

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