Streaking: An American Love Story


Relationships of any kind can be tricky, but the key to keeping an online friendship is simple — keep the Snapchat streak going. Snapchat is an app that seems like it lacks depth because people basically just send pictures with different filters on it back and forth. Yet Snapping back and forth to keep a streak going has become something beyond itself. It now represents something deeper.

Aside from the silly game of keeping the streak going, to some, the longer you keep up the Snap streak, the deeper your devotion to your friendship.

Bloomberg decided to take a closer look at the phenomenon and found many young people are addicted to “streaking”: “Sometimes I’ll end up going through a streak in the middle of class. I’ll just leave the phone face up and take a picture of the ceiling. I don’t want to leave them hanging,” said Abby Rogers.

The 15-year-old Bay Area local went to great lengths to make sure her friend in Michigan kept the Snapchat Streak going after having her phone confiscated. And by great lengths, I mean accessing her friend’s Snapchat account in order to send Snaps to herself through both accounts just to keep the streak alive. The subject or premise of the Snap has no purpose or meaning beside that of racking up a 270 day streak thus far. They even get rewarded with little emoji rewards like fire and colored hearts.

Rogers may be only 15, but there are people of all ages participating in this trend such as 30-year-old Chase Haverick, as Bloomberg reports.

Are we living in an episode of Black Mirror titled “Streaking”? Either way, don’t forget to Snap back.

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