Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance Set 2017 in the Right Direction


Queen of the Gays, Mother Monster, Joanne: Our Lady goes by many names, but she is always greeted with the same reverent cry:


The much-anticipated Lady Gaga concert at that sports thing last night (referred to by some as the Super Bowl) properly propelled 2017 in the direction we were waiting for: one of hope, love and acceptance in a time of probable fascist uprising. Even Hillary Clinton had to share how happy she was about the performance:

When rumors of Gaga not getting political at the Super Bowl started flying around, people wanted more than ever for her to bring the same intense energy she always had about the Trump administration.

Lady Gaga one of the first to publicly protest Trump on a dump truck right after he won the election

Lady Gaga as one of the first to publicly protest Donald Trump on a dump truck right after he won the election

Instead, Gaga chose to make the performance about the people being left behind by the Trump administration, and to remind us that we matter. She chose to bring us light — literally, there were thousands of drones giving a light show — in a time of darkness, hatred, and resentment. Although feelings of hatred are more than justified in this time of crisis, so was Gaga’s showcase that made us both nostalgic from her hit songs and left us feeling exonerated as she shouted, “No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I’m on the right track, baby, I was born to survive”. She also started the show singing “This Land Is Our Land” and reiterating the lines from the pledge of allegiance.

The show may not have been a huge middle finger to the Trump Tower White House, but it was an embrace with wide open arms to the same people Trump is disparaging and threatening — and that will always be the ultimate act of resistance.

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