Nordstrom Gets the Trump Treatment After Refusing Ivanka’s Clothing Line


As president of the United States, one must take on many top-priority duties for the country. Donald Trump has chosen one of those pressing issues to be confronting luxury department store Nordstrom — someone had to do it!

Turns out Nordstrom decided to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from their stores, but they claim the choice was based on business. Either way, the implication of Nordstrom’s sudden decision aligns them with anti-Trump politics. Plus, Nordstrom released a statement supporting immigration just days before dropping Ivanka.

Trump did what he does best and went to Twitter to talk about how oppressed Ivanka is now…except this time it was also retweeted onto the official @POTUS Twitter page.

Although White House press secretary Sean Spicer defended Trump’s behavior, Sen. Bob Casey (D-Penn.) had his own thoughts:

A representative for Senator Casey told Politico that he “feels it is unethical and inappropriate for the President to lash out at a private company for refusing to enrich his family.” Well said, senator. And it seems the consumers agree as Nordstrom’s stock price has gone up since Trump attacked them. That or Ivanka’s clothing line was just that bad. Maybe both.

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