Tennessee Reintroduces Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill


The infamous bathroom bill has come back in the Trumpian era to take over Tennessee public schools and force kids to use the bathroom according to their gender assignment on their birth certificate.

Chris Sanders, executive director of the Tennessee Equality Project, told The Tennessean that “Obviously the personal impact on trans students is devastating. What it will result in is them going to the wrong restroom or going to a special restroom that will out them as trans and stigmatize them or put a target on them for bullying.”

The first version of this bill last year was gaining some traction among lawmakers but ultimately lost to growing opposition.

The lawmakers for this bill were Rep. Mark Pody and Sen. Mae Beavers. These two were also responsible for the bill in 2015 that aimed to go against the passing of equal marriage for LGBTQ people by pushing for “natural marriage”. Senator Beavers also took it upon herself to fight the porn industry. She stressed that it makes men not want to get married. One of the biggest worries is that we don’t have the Obama administration at the executive level to protect people anymore. The guy who took that seat rather encourages this behavior and legislation.

Needless to say, none of these bills that Pody and Beavers are pushing are actually helping protect anyone or anything that isn’t their own heteronormative bubble.

Broadly reported 19 proposed anti-trans bathroom bills thus far, so Tennesee isn’t alone.

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